by The Grey Area

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Debut release from D.C.'s The Grey Area, nominated for New Artist of the Year by the Washington Area Music Awards.

Album download includes hidden track of Jason and TJ rapping--poorly.

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released February 14, 2012

photos: Kate Lentz
mixing & engineering: sucker punch recording co.



all rights reserved


The Grey Area Washington, D.C.

"A fantastically modern rock style" -Colin McGuire, PopMatters music critic

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Track Name: Sugar, From You
It was late one night, just a tick before two
You wouldn’t be surprised I was thinking of you
You see you can’t sleep one in a bed made for two
And the mind won't think what it don’t want to do
But babe, there ain’t nothing more true, than some sugar from you

It takes two lumps of sugar for a tea for two
It takes two legs to tango and two hearts to swoon
It takes two clever minds to come up with a tune
It takes two hands to hold onto one afternoon
The interesting cats are in the back of the room
The best conversations happen under the moon
There ain't a worse time for love than the month of June
There ain't worse words to hear then “I'll see you soon”
But babe, there ain’t nothing more true than some sugar from you

I’m sick of this war, I’m sick of this town
Sick of small people dragging me down
Sick of the news and what it has to say
Sick of politicians that add to the fray
Sick of love condensed into texted words
Sick of leaving messages that never get heard
Sick of the pleasantries that aren’t that pleasant
Sick of the promises that never get kept
Sick of cozying up to power and greed
Sick of being the only thing that people don’t need
But babe, there ain’t nothing more true
Babe there ain’t nothing more true
Than some sugar from you
Track Name: (What You) Do (To) Me
You're so good looking
It hurts my eyes
You get things cooking
Right here in my thighs
It's so wrong, it's so wrong, it's so wrong
What you do to me

I can't stop looking
Into your brown eyes
The more that I'm looking
The less that I find
Is it so wrong, so wrong, so wrong
What you do to me?

Seen girls like you, with my blinders on,
Thought I could move her lips when she don't even know the song
When we get together and the lights ain't on
We can rock it in rhythm til the night turns dawn
But I need a girl that's in the same key
At least in a key that can harmonize me
I don't mean to sound mean but it's a sad reality
You ain't ever been the woman that can satisfy me but

You're so good looking
It tricks my mind
And right now you're working
Up my appetite
It's all wrong, it's all wrong, all wrong
What you do to me
Track Name: You
You are so boring
But you make me so horny
I can’t fall asleep at night
I see your lips but I think your thighs

You are so frustrating
You don’t give but you take it
We’re not going to talk tonight
If you think, I’ll shrink so shut up, spread wide

You keep me so inflated
With your coy flirtations
This ain’t gonna turn out alright
My juice just hurts, I’ll blow my spine
Don’t know right
I don’t know wrong
I want your lips where they belong

You are so jaded
But your hips make this complicated
Don’t know what part of me owns me now
Just know what’s inside me must get out
Feels so right
Don’t know if it’s wrong
But I’m just gonna **** you all night long
Track Name: Ourselves
Where do I turn for inspiration?
To the ghosts in the halls of the subway stations
They're telling me I'm a nameless face in history
The song sounds good inside my head
Til the music stops and then you're dead
So sing it now cuz they'll be a day you don't know how
Now why cant we
Breathe and release
For ourselves
For ourselves

There's a little girl in a subway car
With her face up against a graffitied wall
She's dreaming, too, hoping the train goes somewhere new
Nobody tells us when to get off
The ride keeps going until it stops
It's through and through, three to ten to sixty-two
So why dont we
Pull the brake and release
From ourselves
From ourselves
From ourselves

Hundreds of girls walk through this city
Can't figure out how they got so pretty
But then one comes through, and the others meld into the blue
Hundreds of dreams pass through these walls
It's a wonder we can't count them all
But then one comes true, and it's supposed to count for me and you
So why that face
It's not you, it's the place
That makes ourselves
We’re not well

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
Track Name: Hurricane
Young, I knew the answers
Knew my part in the war
Knew the way to the altar
Knew the shoals from the shore

Young, I had a heartbeat
Beating just for you
Young, I felt a heartbreak
Bled the whole night through

But oh, oh, oh, oh
We grow old, oh, oh, oh

You shake my heart around like a tree in a hurricane
And I don’t know how much more it can take
It bends and it bends each time and again
Soon I’m afraid it will break
I’m as strong as a man on the outside
But on the inside I’m weak like a boy
You shake my heart like a hurricane
Yeah you throw it around like a toy

Now I don’t seek answers
Just put on my blue jeans
Walk alone un-lonely
Sifting through the debris

Don’t know where this road takes me
Don’t know the strange from the norm
But I never felt such comfort
Than in the calm after storms

And oh, oh, oh, oh
We don’t know, oh, oh, oh